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Healthier minds lead to healthier business

Together, we can build a personalized mental health care plan that provides access to industry-leading psychiatry and humanistic psychology that is proven to be more effective at addressing emotional trauma and mental health challenges that are more cost-efficient for your business.

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Transformative care for your people, Proven value for your business

Utilization over traditional EAPs

of patients experience immediate improvement

ROI based on a average annual healthcare costs

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Ketamine-assisted therapy combines FDA-approved medicine with humanistic psychotherapy to empower people to explore their emotions, beliefs, and memories with increased clarity and openness, getting to the root cause of emotional challenges and trauma. 

This deepened awareness enables the mind to create new, healthier patterns that lead to sustainable, long-lasting results. 

And with 89% of people experiencing immediate improvement within days or weeks (vs. months or years with traditional therapy), this transformative approach dramatically improves the quality and speed at which positive results are achieved.

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Redefining workplace mental health

Access to care

Access to care is tough: 65% of surveyed psychologists are at full capacity, and 68% report longer wait lists than in 2020. Meeko ensures quick, tailored treatment from our licensed network, documenting care to meet each employee’s specific needs.

Trust + Safety

Clinicians and clinics on the Meeko network face strict evaluations for licensure, experience, and safety standards. Treatments are conducted in clinical settings with safety protocols.

Outcomes Focused

Traditional talk-therapy can be lengthy, needing 15-20 sessions for half of patients to see moderate improvement. KAT typically involves 6 administration sessions combined with therapy over 2-4 weeks providing quick and lasting improvements.

FDA Approved Drugs

We use legal, safe, and effective, FDA-approved drugs under the guidance of licensed medical providers to help people get the care and relief they deserve.

How it works

Personalized to your needs with a dedicated support team

Easy Onboarding

As soon as you become a Meeko partner, our team will collaborate closely with yours to evaluate your employees’ mental wellness and combine our platform with any current benefits.

Guided Access

Once your employees have access to Meeko, one of our Care Navigators will reach out to walk them through tailored options, suggest next steps, and reassure them that they’re not alone on their mental health journey.

Clinical Assessment

Qualifying employees will be connected to professional care teams, where expert psychiatrists will determine the best treatment approach for each individual.

Customized Care

Every qualifying employee will receive a treatment plan that’s been tailored to their personal needs, not made for the masses.

Measurable Outcomes

We use the industry’s highest standards of measurement to ensure our innovative approach isn’t just helping patients cope, but empowering them to thrive with meaningful, lasting mental health improvements.

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