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Alya Ahmad

My past is my story. My future is a possibility. The only thing that is real is my present. To be truly present with whatever comes before me. I am a physician, mother, professor, educator, researcher, and learner (for life). My journey as a healer and medical doctor is focused on treating the most needful populations. I witness the effects of complexity and social disparate conditions has on illness in the US and even while practicing medicine overseas. I realize our health care system even with its “technological” advances has great barriers to true healing. People’s health is more digitized and dehumanized than it has ever been. Yet throughout my medical career, I continue to pursue better ways to help children and families in their most needful states. My career as Clinical faculty at Baylor College of Medicine to Univ. of California, San Francisco, ranges in implementing and teaching better ways to caring for children and their families. I founded programs for children with special needs, Down syndrome, obesity, complex care consultations services, and narrative medicine, only to emphasize “whole” person care. More importantly, it is a provider’s presence and connection that is mandated to help people in their struggle. I am galvanized to prove, be it by academic pursuits or the art of medicine to demonstrate thriving health can be achieved, holistically. I harness the methodologies of my master’s training in Narrative Medicine from Columbia Univ. to teach caring with compassionate-based inquiry to illness and peoples’ lives. With Narrative Medicine, the arts and creative explorations are the fountainhead to connect to people in their illness, community, and social constructs. Even greater means to healing, naturally and holistically are possible with integrative and psychedelic medicines and therapies. I have obtained accreditation and certification in psychedelic assisted therapies, Ketamine therapy and fellowship trained in Integrative psychiatry from IPI, (Integrative Psychiatry Institute). I aspire to enrich my learning and practice from the Guru’s in the field of psychedelic medicines and integrative medicine. My mantra is healing the self and others with empathy and with the respectful fusion of self-wisdom, ancient, and novel therapies.

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We often get asked about the meaning of ShaMynds- the name of our center. This is a combination of two words- Shaman and Mind. We believe that through your healing journey, during your time with us and after, you will be able to continue to do the work of acquiring a healer’s (Shaman) mindset. What does that mean?- Starting with one of the most important and often lost- learning to love yourself; to think clearly; to step into the light of your own wellness, prosperity, and love; and to feel the inner satisfaction of these attainments to such a degree that your inevitable response is to give yourself back to yourself and to the world. Imagine yourself so well, so full, and so supported, that you can’t help but want to spread your good fortune around with others In every given moment during your ShaMynds you experience the glorious opportunity to release your self-limiting stories, learn to live from your true nature and become the highest and brightest expression of yourself.

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